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How to Survive If You’re Trapped in a Sinking Car

ABC News(NEW YORK) — As severe flooding grips Louisiana, harrowing stories of escape from sinking cars have to come light.

But this isn’t an isolated incident — an average of 300 people drown in their cars every year.

In 2014, ABC News’ Matt Gutman — along with the Indiana State Police — took part in an escape scenario to explore what to do if you are trapped in a sinking car.

Police said the old recommendation was to let the car fill with water before trying to open the door. Now, it’s recommended that you get out while the car is on the surface.

Police also recommend keeping a sharp object in the car to punch out the windows, and to never use your phone until you’re out of the car.

Police say you have about 1 minute to open the windows to escape before the water gets above the side windows.

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